National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time

Distance Learning

The global process of transition from industrial to information society requires significant changes in the reform of education, which on the basis of new, advanced concepts and technologies, scientific and methodological developments should provide conditions for the realization of the rights to education for everyone. In this process the system of distance education occupies an increasing role. Implementation of e-learning technology meets the demands of the full entry of the University into the information space, orients on reduction of a weekly class educational load and increase in self-study training time for students, and creates the new high-quality organizational and informational resource providing. Besides‚ it determines the retention of educational experience and information in the educational process of faculty, gives corresponding facilities of diagnostics and evaluation of quality of knowledge, their current monitoring in the framework of the credit-module teaching system, as a model of organization of educational process.
In the Institute of Distance Learning may be opened an electronic distance learning, which are successfully approbated at some departments of SHEE "NMU": Dokuchaevsk Mining Technical School, Pavlograd Technical School, Marganets college
In these departments of the NMU in addition to traditional training and methodological support (books, manuals etc.) practiced the use of electronic information in the form of compact discs for different works to ensure self-education of students. On the basis of Lotus LearningSpace and Moodle software products the information files and distance learning courses of educational disciplines are created, an e-technology for current and final control is worked out, a demonstrational e-materials are added.
The normative base of the Institute of Distance Learning is placed on a server according to the Regulation on Higher Education, organization of the educational process, academic leaves, the order of transfer, deduction and recovery of students, the Regulations on Distance Education. There are also rules for acception to SIHE "NMU", schedule of the educational process and contact information.