National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


The educational process is carried out during the sessions (lectures, labs, seminars and individual lessons, consultations and checking procedure), and between sessions (self-learning of educational material with the performance of tests, course projects (work) and individual tasks).

The annual schedule of the educational process includes two sessions with a total length of 30 (from the third year of study- 40) calendar days. At the final year of study a paid leave for a month is granted to pass the state examination for a Bachelor's degree; for a Specialist’s degree (Master's) the students have four months to prepare and defend the diploma project. Enterprises grant the paid leaves to advanced students for session-time, preparing and passing the state examination, certification. Fixed-time call for students to session is carried out in accordance with the schedule of the educational process reference call, which is the basis for the provision of paid leave.

The educational process takes place on 50 departments of the University and in the organizational developments (technical schools) of SIHE "NMU" in Pavlograd (PT NSU), Manganets (MC NMU). Learning on the basis of technical schools is fulfilled according to reduced term of study as an extension of professional education in areas of training:

6.030509 * (MC of NMU) Accounting and Auditing;

6.050301 * Mining by specialization and:

- Underground mining (PT of NMU);

- Open Pit Mining (DMTS NMU);

- Mining equipment (electromechanical systems of mining production) (MC NMU)

6.050303 * (DMTS NMU) Processing of minerals

6.070101 * (DMTS NMU, MC of NMU) Transport technologies

6,000 students are taught in the Institute of Distant Learning. The annual number of graduates consists of more than 830 Bachelors, 700 Masters and 200 Specialists. The training of Specialists is carried out at the expense of the state budget, legal and physical persons.


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