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Since 1997 the stage training of the experts is mastered in the Institute of DL. Now training is conducted in 20 directions and 27 specialties.
Since 2001 the training of Bachelors with reduced term of study on the basis of EQL "junior specialist" is started in such specialties: Mining (specialization- underground mining and open pit mining), Mining Equipment (specialization - electromechanical systems of mining and design, manufacture and operation of equipment for mining), Engineering, Electrical Power System (specialization - electrical power system of mining enterprises).

Expanding the list of specialties of faculty prompted increasing number of students, which in 2000 exceeded 2000 persons, in 2002 - 3000 and in 2003. reached 3.5 thousand students. During recent years about 1180 students enter the Institute on the first course. In 2011 the number of graduates of Bachelor is amounted to 1172 people., Specialist - 572, and Master - 186 people.
Institute on the basis of Distance Learning combines various educational forms: extramural and intramural, part-time, simultaneous training in two specialties, higher education in the specialism area, reduced term of study on the Bachelor degree.

The feature of extramural form of education is mandatory work of student at the factory in the chosen specialty. It gives an opportunity to students to get knowledge by themselves in any discipline, using practical skills. Training plans reflect new achievement in science and technology, advanced achievement of scientific and technological progress. Students get the knowledge in the field of computer and microprocessor equipment, acquire practical skills in the use of computers for calculations in special discipline.

The individual work of students is put into operation and planning their individual work is sorted. It gave a possibility to train purposefully, attempt deep learning of disciplines and their qualitative assimilating, acquire the skills of scientific thinking and independent work with literature.
Methodical seminars are played important role, which are held by the Ministry of Education and Science every 2-3 years.
In 1987 the members of departments of General Geology and Geology and mineral deposits (Dobrogorskiy M.O., Dudlya M.A., Sklyar P.F., Krotenko L.Y. and others) worked out and printed "Typical programs, guidance and control tasks" for training the experts of geological profile, which are approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for Universities.

Particular attention is paid to preparation of course and diploma projects. A significant number of them is filled the order of enterprises and has a real character.
Important part in training the experts is assigned to the experience of training, implementation of laboratory and practical work in related Universities in our country and abroad. In this connection a number of experts showed an experience in training engineers of Donetsk and Kiev National Technical University, Moscow Mining University, Moscow Geological Prospecting Academy, Cracow Mining and Metallurgical Academy and other Universities. Appropriate adjustments were made to the training plans, program of some disciplines according to the standard FIANI - European engineer.

Together with foreign experts (Russia, Poland) a number of books and textbooks is published in Ukrainian, Russian and Polish for training the experts in such areas: Electrical Engineering (Professors Pivnyak G.G., Rybalko A.Y.), Mining (Prof. Dudlya M.A.), Ecology (Professors Pivnyak G.G., Dudlya M.A.).
The Institute of Distance Learning keeps contact with many Ukrainian enterprises and trains the experts in their order. The closest contacts are with PIS "Dniproenergo," "Balaklava Mining Plant", "Poltava Mining and Metallurgical Plant", Ordzhonikidze and Eastern Mining and Processing Plant, SME "Glavruda" SE "Lvovugol" and "Pavlogradugol".

Leading direction to improve the learning process and improve the content and quality of training the experts that graduate the Institute is an information technology providing individual work of students through distance learning.
Gradually the distance form of education system should be such a social institution that would be able to provide students with a variety of educational services. This system will let to learn without interruption and provide an opportunity to obtain current professional knowledge, give a possibility for each student to build that educational route that most closely reflects his educational and professional abilities, wherever he is located geographically.

Members of the Institute of Distance Learning repeatedly were rewarded honors Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, ministries and other organizations. Professor Dudlya M.A. that was rewarded honorary "Miner's Glory" of I-III degrees is well deserved member of the oil and gas industry in Poland, he was rewarded the "Golden Award" of the agency and the Ministry of Education of Poland Medal "For success in training and educating young people." Prof. Rybalko A.Y. that was rewarded "Miner's Glory" of all degrees, diplomas of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is the education of Ukraine. Director of the Institute Assoc. Sulaev V.I. is rewarded "Miner's Glory" of
ІІІ degree and diploma.

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