National TU Dnipro Polytechnic Compliance with the Time

Institute of Distance Learning


Director - Sulaev Victor Ivanovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Underground Mining Department.


Tel.: 38 (0562) 47-23-92
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The institute was founded in 1958 as a correspondent department, in 2001 it was reformed into the Institute of Distant Learning.

The institute trains specialists in such educational and qualification levels (EQL) :

§ Bachelor on the basis of complete secondary education (4 year course);
Bachelor on the basis of EQL "junior specialist" (2-3 year course);
Bachelor on the basis of complete higher education in the specialism area (1,5 year course);
Specialist on the basis of EQL in an appropriate specialism area (1,5 year course);
Master on the basis of EQL "Bachelor" or "Specialist" (1,5 year course).

For full-time students of higher educational establishments the Institute of Distance Learning gives an opportunity to acquire the second profession in parallel in any specialism areas on EQL "Bachelor", "Specialist", and "Master";

Specialists are trained on demand of enterprises: SE "Lvovugol", OJSC "Poltavski Gorno-obogatitelny Kombinat", "Svobodogorny Gorno-metallurgicheski Kombinat"‚ PISC "Dokuchaevski fluso-dolomitny Kombinat", PISC "Pablogradugol", PISCC "Pokrovskoye" ets.

The project of -learning technology development is concerned in the context of creation of unique educational and scientific informative environment of the University, implementation of a new information technology to increase the effective share of individual and consultative work with students. This technology fundamentally increases the information content, extends possibilities and competitiveness of the educational services, provides conditions for intensification of teaching disciplines, increases students’ accessibility and promotes their mobility and self-organization. It meets the demands of the full entry of the University into the information space, orients on reduction of a weekly class educational load and increase in self-study training time for students, and creates the new high-quality organizational and informational resource providing. Besides it determines the retention of educational experience and information in the educational process of faculty, gives corresponding facilities of diagnostics and evaluation of quality of knowledge, their current monitoring in the framework of the credit-module teaching system, as a model of organization of educational process.

The achievement of certain results in organization of -learning is connected with accumulation of informative and educational databases and knowledge, development of methodologies and programs for students with different educational and qualification levels on the basis of innovative technologies, improvement of educational and communicative possibilities of the University, and training personnel owning modern technologies.

Lotus Learning Space shell implemented by the laboratory of IDL helps to guarantee high level of protection of materials contained against copying. It is started using Moodle platform for distant courses development.
For today about 200 distant courses including 53 ones on the basis of Moodle platform have been developed by the NMU lecturers in close cooperation with IT students. The distant courses are approbated at the Departments to use them for self-education of students.